I’ve always known that I would write music in Swedish. The only question was ”when”?

As I teenager I wrote a lot of poetry in Swedish but I didn’t follow any rules. I remember having a need to express my feelings. I was afraid for what people would think about me so instead I hid behind another language and other expressions that didn’t expose me as much. Even so, there are still a few hidden and personal messages in my English lyrics. I think that some of my fans can understand them but that the messages are still concealed for the masses (to my own satisfaction).

Today, I feel confident enough to express myself in Swedish. It’s my native language and I feel completely free to express myself!

My music depicts my surroundings. I write about growing up as a rowdy youngster in the 80/90’s in the south part of Stockholm’s inner city and spending my teenage years with my friends, hanging out in my kitchen at Bondegatan. My music reflects everything from lost love, sex and friendship to my everyday thoughts and the way I look at our surroundings. It might not mean much to the world but it is a huge step forward to me.

/Danny Saucedo